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and stepmother.   As                           the step-mother does

not show ma A affection   towards   these   children.   One of these

children, as3.i, was recently aurried.   After marriage fee and Ms

wife have taken residence at the ho jse of tils mother who has ma-

rried tier husband*s brother.   The step-father treats tils brother's

son        his wife with affection.

This incident exemplifies the liberal outlook of the Gada-

bas la            concerning sexual freedom.

There Is             case.  Pulleru Subbayya deserted his wife

Bod^nima.   He went to live with Bangaramma,  a widow who has

children,   Bodemma filed a complaint in the court at Bobbili

payment of maintenance on the ground that her husband

deserted her.

According to Gadaba custom Bodemnii,   after her hus 

deserted faer? should live alone or take a lover.   There is no

other alternative.    Bodemma Is the first person to lavoke the auth-

ority of law and seek maintenance from her husband.   Her conduct

is not liked by fellow Gadabas.

10, Exogarnous Marriages :

The Gadaba custom is to inter-marry within the commu-

niiy only. No oae should marry outside the tribe. In spite of this

strict taboo, some of the Gadaba youths married Gurum Gadada

girls belonging to Karaka valasa.

Although both varieties of Gadabas live together ia the

village, tribal custom prohibits iater-dining and inter-marri-

age between them. These marriages are contrary to Gadaba

custom. However* after they paid the Kulam Tappu, they were

admitted have beea living happily at Raja Cfaeravu. Valasa for

many years. Seeing this precedent, a few youag men ventured to

marry Guram Gadaba girls.